Vocal Percussion

During the creation of Sing With Esther, our global program for choirs, we made the decision to enhance the arrangement with the addition of vocal percussion, aka “Beatboxing”. While there is a ton of information, and plenty of examples on the internet (here’s Wikipedia), we thought that we would highlight the work of OUR beatboxer, the very talented Jon Jon … Read More

Sing with Esther – musical preview

Putting together a virtual choir is hard, and is incredibly more time-consuming than we could have ever imagined, but we’ve got the music done! And the guide tracks recorded! Just a few more kinks to work out, but you can now hear the two songs. And in about a month, we will be launching the SingWithEsther.com website, and accepting the … Read More

Sing with Esther – the plan

OK, COVID hasn’t been kind. But when one door closes, another opens! During the last number of months, the Musical Esther [Update: now Who is Esther] team has been hard at work on a virtual choir project… Sing with Esther. Since we couldn’t workshop the music directly, we thought we’d take a stab at crowdsourcing the music, through the choir … Read More