Audience Reaction

Drama! Humor! Good Music! Backstabbing!M.N., Toronto
The story is fabulous! The thing that was the most fun for me was the rap song.C.D., London
Love the funky vibe of the tune - it's fabulous!M.C, Toronto
Every play needs an anthem, and "We are Believers" is a beautiful one. It's just impressive!S.F., Toronto
The characters are creativeI. E., Toronto
Very cool. Loved it!V.C., Toronto
The music is inventive, it's interesting, and catchy! Impressive.L.S., Toronto
The words were very inspiring! I'm a Believer - I was bouncing to that one! I like that!P. M, Toronto
The rap one - I really was rapping to!E.C., Toronto
Definitely a musical for our time. If this doesn't remind you of #Metoo and all the discrimination and racial diversity that we're living through, I don't know what is.L.L., Toronto
I really enjoyed it - very engaging. I love the part at the end when the audience started to sing at the same time too. It was very fun, engaging, and thought-provoking. It reminds us what's most important in life. P.S., Toronto

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