Production Enquiries

Interested in putting Who is Esther on your stage?  The musical is flexible enough to scale from a small ensemble to a larger more elaborate production.  Let us know what you had in mind, and we can see if it is a good fit.

Here are some details... 


Mr. Verious (Tenor): Chauvinistic CEO of a major corporation

Ham (Tenor): The scheming, self-serving “advisor” to Mr. Verious

Esther (Mezzo): Scrappy young women who is selected to be a VP

Uncle Mo (Bass): Esther’s uncle, mentor, and confidante

Chorus (Mezzo/Tenor) / Other characters: Includes Vashti (Mezzo), a VP who quit because of Mr. Verious, the two people (Mezzo) who compete with Esther for the role of VP, an Aide (Tenor), and Ham’s scheming wife (Mezzo). 

Musical notes

The musical can be performed with 4 lead roles and a chorus of at least 4 people, who can also carry secondary roles.  Either a pre-recorded track can be used, or a pit orchestra with a minimum of Drums, Bass, two digital pianos (guitar and percussion optional).


Please reach out to either Loretta or Randall by email or phone (see below).  We're looking forward to hearing from you, and will respond within one business day.